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Thread: Sewing and making clothes

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    Sewing and making clothes

    Do you sew and make clothes? I make some for craft swaps and the like so I can exchange what I make with something someone else makes, it is a fun process.

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    Sewing is a great hobby - it is so relaxing. Unfortunately just havent had enough time in the day to sew, but it is something I really want to get back to. Buttons and zippers are a bit tricky though. Have you noticed that the patterns have gotten much thinner? Guess I am showing my age, but can remember that when you finished your pattern pieces, you could save them and use them over and over again, and they were no worse for the wear.

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    Many more years ago than I care to remember, when I was a penniless student, I used to make my own clothes and I also remember the paper patterns lasting a long time, but I confess I never enjoyed it so, nowadays, it's a chore just to sew on a button!

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    I love to sew, but nowadays you can buy clothes more cheaply then making them. So I save it for when there is a particular garment I want and can't find.

    Oh, and YES! The patterns are definitely thinner. I've found that the pattern instructions are much worse now, too. When I teach people how to sew, I focus a lot of how to read patterns because they are so poorly written. I also emphasize to beginners that if something seems wrong in the instructions, it really may be. It's happened to me more then once.

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    I have never been good at sewing, but what I do remember very fondly is that my grandmother was an expert sewer. She made most all of my clothes for me as a child and for my dolls.

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