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Thread: Brewers Yeast For Dogs?

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    Brewers Yeast For Dogs?

    In the warmer areas, fleas can be a long-term problem. A friend uses Brewers Yeast tablets for her dog and swears by it. From what I understand, the Brewers Yeast does not give off any odors, but it makes the dog skin taste bad, and that repels the fleas. Has anyone ever heard of this or tried it? If so, what were your results?

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    I have never heard of this. I would check with a vet before trying a home remedy like that because some things that are fine for us to eat, are not OK for our pets to eat. I would just stick to Frontline Plus. It is a once a month application and it is well worth the price. I never have fleas on my dog so long as I make sure to give it to her on time and it is really easy to use. No hassle or mess and well worth the price. You can also find it online for a cheaper price than sold in stores. The only store I buy it at is Costco (wholesale store) because they usually have it for a good price, but they don't always carry it. Good luck!
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    My vet recommends brewers yeast as a natural anti-flea recipe rather than a chemical repellent. You can make biscuits as treats for your dog which will also repel the fleas : Easy Homemade Natural Flea Repellent

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