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Thread: Crafting with kids

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    Crafting with kids

    What are your favorite crafts to do with children? I'm trying to think of something to do since we've been snowed in lately. You can only go outside and build so many snowmen.

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    You can go sledding or tubing, make snow forts and snow angels too. Ok- for crafts we do a ton of painting, we buy the little wooden ornaments from Michael's and then paint them. We also scrapbook, my daughter is awesome at this.

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    It's funny you mention that! I just bought a few of those wooden items from Michael's so that we could paint them. My kids are having a lot of fun with it.

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    When my kids were small they loved potato painting. You cut a potato in half and carve a star, a circle or whatever in the cut end then dip it in paint and press it onto a sheet of paper. You can use lots of potatoes with different shapes and colours to make a wonderful pattern.

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    What my kids have always loved best is when I give them supplies, set up the table so that they won't hurt anything (sheet on table and under table) and let them go at it. They can get amazingly creative! My oldest learned how to sew this way. I would just give him fabric scraps and a not-too-sharp needle and thread and let him go at it. If he had questions, I'd help him, but he figured a lot out on his own this way.

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