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Thread: Ever attempt upholstery?

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    Ever attempt upholstery?

    Ever attempt upholstery? It is quite costly to pay an upholsterer, and quite costly to replace furniture. If you have done it, what is a good starter piece of furniture to learn on?

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    I can remember my mother and paternal grandmother re-upholstering sofas and easy chairs (not recliners) when I was just a kid, but I've never tried it myself. I haven't even had such done in years; just replace the furniture, and as you said, that's expensive. In 1970, Montgomery Ward had a sale at which I paid $50 for a recliner with some kind of artificial leather (plastic) upholstery. In 1977, I paid $100 to have it re-upholstered with a good heavy fabric material; really liked that chair. And I gave it away in 1989 when we sold the house and became full time RVers. Best chair I ever had and that was the last time I had one re-upholstered.

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    My mother-in-law is constantly re-upholstering chairs. She also refurnishes dressers, coffee tables, dining tables, and bookshelves. She started with chairs that only has a seat to re-upholster (a wooden chair with a fabric seat). She can make anything have a totally new look.
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    I don't really have the knack for it. However, out of desperation a while back I took a hassack that was falling apart and covered it with an old bedspread. It doesn't look that great, but it got the job done.

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    It is a gift to be able to tackle upholstery. Here are two areas on a chair I would love to try. We have two high back wing chairs. My husband loves his, perhaps a bit too much. Since they are also recliners, the arms of where you rest your hands and push back get soiled, as does where you rest your head. Would love to be talented enough or brave enough to try to fix it.

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