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Thread: How Much Meat

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    How Much Meat

    How much meat do you eat? Are you someone who doesn't object at all to eating meat, or are you a vegan? Are you somewhere in the middle?

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    Alot, being that we raise or own beef and pork. And as far as Im concerend if you dont have to use a knife and fork then its just not dinner.

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    I don't guess I understand why anyone would care or ask, but we routinely and regularly eat beef, pork, chicken, turkey, fish, and shrimp; scallops and clams less frequently, oysters pretty rarely (my wife won't eat them at all), crawfish occasionally, and it's been awhile since we had lobster, rabbit, squirrel, venison, goat, lamb, buffalo (bison), moose, caribou, and black bear, but only because of the lack of availability or price. And it's been many years since I had barbecued raccoon and even longer since I last made turtle soup or had quail or dove. And I haven't made blackbird pies since I was a kid. It's actually pretty infrequent for us to have a meal that doesn't include some kind of meat, however, we do both enjoy a simple vegetable meal now and then with blackeyed peas, fried okra, corn on the cob, sliced tomato and onion, and cornbread. You may get the idea that I like variety and am not too particular, and you'd be right.

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    We eat meat almost everyday. I was raised this way and I see nothing wrong with it at all. I believe in the food chain. My favorite is beef followed by chicken. We do eat some meals that have no meat in them too, salads usually and we also love vegetable lasagna.

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    Meat is a part of our diet. My husband enjoys it more than I do, I think. As far as red meat, I could live without it just fine. I do enjoy fish and poultry though.

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    We eat meat or fish daily. I was raised in a household that was big on meat. I would be content eating fish and chicken and the odd beef and pork, but my family, not so much.

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    We eat meat only when we are outside the house. We are vegans inside the house but when we are outside then we can eat what is serve. We don't want to become center of attraction on parties where we ask for special food because all the food in the table have meat in them.

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    We have meat every meal and enjoy it. I like Bird's reply and agree with him. Have fun and stay safe..

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    I eat meat purely for the protein. I don't hate meat, but I don't necessarily look forward to eating it either. I try to eat a piece of meat at least once a day whether it be chicken, fish, or some kind of red meat. I can only eat a small portion of meat though. I just get tired of it and don't have the stomach to eat too much of it. Too much red meat causes my stomach to hurt and then I will feel sick.
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    Not as much as when I was younger, but I do not thrive on a vegetarian diet (tried it in grad school, got depressed and felt sick a lot. One week of adding the beef back in and I was 80% better; a month on my former diet and I was fine.)

    I'm convinced some of my ancestors were cattle thieves in the Border country of Scotland, because beef and oats and barley make my body happy. We also eat lamb, pork, chicken, and turkey. Fish and other seafood are rare treats where we live, and though I enjoy them, they don't satisfy the body the way that beef, pork, and lamb do. For weight and other health reasons, we've chosen to cut portion sizes of meat rather than discard it...for us, it works.

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