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Thread: Hiring Amish group

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    Hiring Amish group

    We are thinking of hiring an Amish group of men to build our barn/garage. Has anyone ever hired Amish people to build anything? I hear they do excellent work and are priced great too. Just looking for any comments or anything on the subject.

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    I personally have never hired an Amish person, but I know that they are some of the best workers you could ever get for a job. They take real pride in their work and they are super knowledgeable and talented in their crafts. They will do a much better job than anyone else and you can trust them to give you a very fair price. I say hire them! See what other work they have done and judge their craftsmanship just to be sure.
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    I agree with callie. I've never hired an Amish person before, but I have met a few. They really do take a lot of pride in their work and they will definitely do a better job than if you hired someone else.

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    I have a friend who hired an Amish lady to teach her their sewing methods and how to make her own patterns. She was extremely happy with their agreement and with the level of skills she acquired from he lessons.

    I say go for it.

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    I have a coworker that decided she wanted a barn house. She first wanted a log house but then decided on a house that looked like a barn. She hired Amish to build it, and they worked out great. They have great working ethics and the craftsmanship was unparalleled. I have to admit I never saw this type of house before but it ended up being really cool. It had tons of open spaces.

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    I think we are going to go with this then. I hope it works out. I wonder how we get in touch with them though, no phones. I think a friend of mine is looking into it too so I think I will let them go first and watch to see how they work.
    Thanks for all the comments.

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    were you able to hire the amish group how do you contact them? I want to build ana addition and am interested

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    Three things I have had done by Amish.
    1. My wife and I had a Vis-A-Vis carriage built for our carriage business. Great craftsmanship. He was reluctant to build other than a black carriage but money talks. Also I had to fix brake system since the builder had no idea how hydraulic brakes work.
    2. Our horse run in 24X12 built by Amish and trailored to our lot and dropped off. Completed for less than I could buy the materials for. Again great craftsmanship
    3. Our Pioneer cart for working the horses. Another solid piece of equipment.

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