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Thread: Siding that was ripped off in winter

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    Siding that was ripped off in winter

    Now that spring is almost here I have a big job ahead of me. Some of our siding was ripped off the house when it was really windy and blizzardy outside. I hate messing with things like this so I think I might hire it done. I hope they can just replace and not say we need to reside again.

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    So just what is the "big job"? Finding a contractor, or replacing the siding?
    Uhhh good luck with that Colbe.....

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    While I have not seen it. I am almost positive that they can just replace that one section where there was damage. We had an ice storm and a tree fell on the house taking some of the siding with it. We just replaced a section, we didn't have to reside.

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