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Thread: Creative Easter Baskets

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    Creative Easter Baskets

    What are some interesting things you could use as an Easter Basket? I don't want to have to buy any unless I have to, I'd rather re-use something I already have.

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    I went to goodwill and got the baskets for fifty cents each. I knitted hats for all of the kids and got 1 very small chocolate bunny for each basket. Then I went to goodwill, got my daughter a stuffed horse and my son some goggles. Everything cleaned up nicely and the baskets look great.

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    That may work, I found some sand buckets, they may work too. I wonder how well they will paint up? They are kind of faded from the sun.

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    Sand buckets, Trick or Treat buckets, Goodwill or garage sale for cheap baskets. One year I did beach buckets that had "tipped" over and arranged everything on top of the table because it all wouldn't fit in the bucket. They thought it was the cutest thing!

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    That is a good plan. I found some discount summer sand buckets from last year. I just need some bubbles and treats and I am done for this year.

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    One year I got a plastic kiddie pool at the dollar store & filled it with grass, candy, & water toys. The Easter Bunny wrote the kids a letter about how great they'd been sharing all year and that he wanted to encourage it. Afterward, we emptied the pool, filled it with water, & the kids had a blast playing with their Easter toys.

    And since the toys came from the dollar store, too, it saved me a ton of money & the kids had memories that summer that will last a lifetime.

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