With the massive arrival of the police procedural on television in prime time, The Mentalist DVD tend to run together for me. Unfortunately, when a new procedure made its debut on the radio, Curb Your Enthusiasm she manages to look like a clone (or composite) of others. The Mentalist is the trap fallen into one for me - seemed like a simple wire mill police procedural about to repeat the same concepts of CSI, Cold Case DVD NCIS, Criminal Minds, etc. with slightly different characters to lure viewers think it was different. Then one night I was flipping channels and came across The Mentalist. There was nothing else, Weeds DVD so I thought I would start the background while I worked on my computer. Eventually, it became much more than that. Instead of watching a computer screen, I was completely glued to the television. Medium DVD After the show, Rather - The Mentalist is a surprisingly fresh and original to the traditional police procedural. So yes, it is another method, which has a slight air of freshness, fun, humor and blend perfectly with the drama, intrigue and moments of darkness.