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Thread: How do you stretch your budget?

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    How do you stretch your budget?

    Times are really tough on everyone. What are some ways you stretch your budget? Prepare certain foods? Shop sales? Buy in bulk? Thanks for sharing your ideas.

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    I buy whole chickens, a bag of 3 costs my $20 when they go on sale. One night I will roast the chicken with vegetables, on the second I make soup and on the the third I will use the soup to make chicken and dumplings. Just swap some fresh veggies each time to switch it up. Soup is also the best way to use leftovers.

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    I use coupons or buy generic, some things I get from discount grocery stores. I also shop at good will and salvation army for what I can. I mend cloths and knit what ever I can. I use old worn out sweaters, unravel them and use them for yarn for scarfs gloves and hats. I have a garden to grow veggies and I trade things I don't need for things I do need.

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    We can stuff and swap it out with friends, also we will grow a garden and shop at good will as well. I am not proud, I will wear used clothes and use second hand things.

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    For food I find it economical to buy and cook in bulk and then freeze - I think that this may also use less fuel. I also go to car boot sales and second hand shops for clothes and household items. About 3 times a year I will take a stand at a car boot or flea market and sell anything that I haven't used over the last 6 months.

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    What is a car boot sale? I have never heard of these. I post stuff on Facebook, they have a local buy, sell and trade site in my area. I also free cycle stuff I can't sell and check free cycle for stuff I also might need.

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