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    I tried planting tomatoes a few years back, but for some reason I wasn't too successful. I would like some input from you guys. When should I start planting tomatoes? Do I start with seeds or with young plants? How often should I water them? What is the biggest mistake people make? What type of tomatoes are the best and which one produces the most?

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    I have already planted my tomato plants. I don't do tomatoes from seeds anymore, the plants are just so much easier. Make sure your soil is rich, fertilized and ready for planting. Depending on the rain you get, water maybe every other day. You don't want to over water them, but you really don't want the soil to dry out. I like to plant a couple cherry tomato plants and then a couple beefsteak plants. Be sure to pick them often if you want to grow a good amount. Good Luck!

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    I start tomatoes from plants and they have to watered every night. I water them at night when the sun goes down. If you water them too early in the day the sun will suck out the water and dry them up. Keep an eye on the plants and when they get bigger, you need to tie them up or put them in cages so they don't break.

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    I usually start tomato seeds inside and after two or three weeks will transplant them outside. Doing so, I would usually get better result than I do when starting the seeds directly in the garden.

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    Well if Kemout, doesnt mind I`ll post about a garden again,geez. My tomatoes are in so heres looking at ya! This goes under each one of my plants.

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    Right now I just put in whatever plants I can fin locally, usually a few yellow, beefsteak, Early Girl and this year we're going to try grape. They're great in salads. I don't put them out until after the last frost, usually early to mid May. My Dad always waited until Memorial Day to plant, excepting onion sets, and he always had a great garden.

    I usually rake up some grass after mowing and mulch the plants well. I've read pros and cons of it but it's always worked for me and it reduces the need to water. I'm a bit on the lazy side I guess.

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    I have planted tomatoes for 50 years. Good fertile soil, make sure not too acidic. I generally lime every fall and plant winter rye. turn it over in the spring and plant small plants on Mothers day (connecticut). when they are about a foot tall or less, stake them and tie them with jute twine. When they get about two feet tall, I cage them with concrete box wire cages (4"x4" squares heavy duty) 5 feet tall and about 2 feet in diameter. Only let two or 3 main stems grow and pinch all the suckers that come up in the V where the branches grow. Mulch with grass clippings to keep moisture in the ground for the hot spells. Should grow great. Main advice is to dig the soil soft in at least a one foot diameter area before planting. Hope this helps.

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