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Thread: Talking to plants?

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    Talking to plants?

    Do you talk to the plants in your garden? I read here and there on the internet that talking to plants and showing your love to them will help the plants grow better. Is that true?

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    Of course I talk to my plants (both in the garden and the house plants too). They say the love makes them grow faster! I'm all for that! Heck my daughter even talks to them and she sings to the garden too.

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    That's great Colbe that your daughter talks and sings to the plants. I wish my daughter loved plants as your daughter does. Well she does but she is not someone who believes in these things.

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    I have some of my best conversations with my plants - seriously, I don't know why, but it helps me and I'm sure it helps them. I read once that it is the extra carbon dioxide that we exhale that helps with the photosynthesis - but I think it's the love !

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    I talk to my plants. I am a firm believer that lots of loving care can help a plant grow and stay healthy. I just love the ones I have in the house, and I hope to make an indoor green house soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moley View Post
    I read once that it is the extra carbon dioxide that we exhale that helps with the photosynthesis - but I think it's the love !
    Yes I think it's the love so. There is plenty of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the plants don't need to get it from us, but that's an interesting theory.

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    Talking to my plants is a daily duty, I have observed a couple of changes is growth and height. Years back, I read somewhere that some species will move into the direction of the sound of a voice over time. Just thinking that my plants are listening to my voice makes me smile. Nature is unbelievable.

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