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Thread: Do you prefer natural gas, charcoal or propane?

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    Do you prefer natural gas, charcoal or propane?

    Which type of grill do you have and which do you prefer? We used to have a charcoal grill, then switched to propane.

    I think it depends on what I'm grilling. I prefer hamburgers and steak on a charcoal grill, but fish and chicken on propane.

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    We live in a total electric home now; no natural gas in this area. So we have a propane grill. It's been quite a few years since I used charcoal, although I liked it when we did. But in Oct. 1968, we bought a little house that had a very small natural gas grill at the edge of the patio. We liked it well enough that when we bought a new and slightly larger home in 1972, I had the gas company install a bigger natural gas grill with a rotisserie at the edge of the patio. And when we moved up in home sizes again in 1977, I had the gas company install a new grill there, also. So for over 20 years we lived in homes (3 different homes) that had natural gas grills and that would be my first choice.

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    I used to use charcoal, but too much work for my taste. I now have a fantastic propane gas grill. If I run out of gas, there are like four places to get it within five minutes of my house. If you want a smoky flavor, you can always add wood chips.

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    Charcoal all the way. I love the way charcoal flavors anything I am cooking on the grill. Natural gas is okay, but charcoal adds a "smokey" flavor that screams "BBQ". :licking:


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    So many threads, too little time.

    For years I used a small Hibachi, they were cheap to buy and didn't need much charcoal. I liked the taste a lot more than with gas. The last several grills we had were gas, now we have none outside. We do have a George Foreman we use once in awhile. Unlike the outside grill though it has to be cleaned after every use to avoid attracting unwanted bugs or critters.

    Update - we found a cheapie grill at WalMart last week. Brings back memories. Much nicer taste than using gas. Yes it takes longer to get it going, but I took a #10 can, used a "church key" to put holes around one side, and removed the end. Fill it with charcoal, add some lighter fluid and I have good hot coals in a half hour.

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    I have a Big Green Egg and I really like it.

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    Natural wood charcoal

    I stick to the old fashion ways and still use natural wood charcoal. It takes some getting use to but once your timing is down, the resultsare great. We do alot of smoking meats, Dutch oven cooking and regular grilling. For us natural charcoal is cheaper and taste better. Happy grilling

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