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Thread: Composting Ideas?

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    Composting Ideas?

    I really want to start composting so I'm trying to gather ideas to get started. I have a large yard but I don't really have a lot of space to do anything big.

    I was thinking of getting an old rabbit cage to contain the compost so it can breathe. And I'll be hitting up the bait shop for some earth worms. Any other ideas?

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    If you want to compost with worms, momof5, you need red wigglers. most bait shop worms just don't survive and consume in quite the same way. Get a copy of "Worms Eat My Garbage!" from a store or library, and you'll learn all kinds of good stuff about composting with worms. A rabbit cage might be too open, but you have the right idea. Start with straw, newspaper, leaves, veggie trimmings, coffee grounds, egg shells, tea bags and looseleaf, spent, tea. 3 parts green to 1 part brown or dry matter. if you'd like some online resources, i'd be glad to pass some along!

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