So, I'm having a bit of trouble thinking up a topic, so I will have to go lowbrow. Yes, the easiest thing to make into a joke. Best of all, any Chinese reader gets to learn all the various ways I can call a restroom. Going to the bathroom, sitting on the john, visiting the loo, or taking a trip to the porcelain reading room.
Here we get to the first thing that makes this a topic of interest. In most Chinese homes, describing it as "sitting" on the toilet will sound very gross, since the toilet is a hole in the floor. Now China isn't primitive, the toilet has flush abilities and pipes to take it to sewage plants, etc. But there is no seat, just a big toilet bowl that is buried in the floor. As you may imagine, this has greatly reduced the amount of newspapers I read.
However, in the interests of fairness, I will give both the pros and cons of the hole in the ground toilet. I may even convince a few people to change the potty in their own homes with it.Pros: yes, there are upsides to having a crapper that you need to squat over.
Cleaner: especially when it is a public one. Think about it, how many times have you walked into the bathroom, looked down and said "did this guy even know the word aim?" A wet seat when you've got an emergency number 2 is the number 1 cause of brown pants. But the Chinese-stlye has no seat. It is just squat and plop done, without the costly delay.
Easy to clean: when spring cleaning comes around, cleaning the toilet is always a pain. Got to get behind the base, under the bowl, get the seat, blah. But with the in-ground pooper, you致e got just the top to clean, and it is level with the floor. Best of all, every room in China has a drain in the floor, so you just need a strong hose and some soap to clean up the bathroom in record time.
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