Several days ago, I received an email from a girl who saw my profile at and
would like to have a good friendship with me. The girl, Florence Bouba, from Cote D棚vore,
who is residing at the N壇ioum refugee camp in Dakar Senegal as the result of the civil war
out of political crisis going on in her country. According to her second email, she told me
that she was a medical student reading nursing before the incident. Her father, Dr Fredrick
Bouba, the personal adviser to the former head of state (Robert Guei) in Cote D棚vore, was
killed alongside with his wife on one early morning by the attack which came from the
rebels. And now she was making her to Senegal as a refugee by the help of the Red Cross
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After I replied her I got the third email sent by her. She told me about her current
situation that without money, freedom, food and relatives as a refugee in that country.
However, she said she has her late fatherç—´ statement of an account and death certificate
and her father had deposited some amount of money in leading bank which he used her name as
the next of kin when he was alive. The amount is $3.7 million dollars. She asked me for
helping her withdraw the money. But, because of the relevant provision, she said she needs a
trustee as regards to the money. She promised to give me a large of money if I help her and
what she wants now is to leave that place and then migrate. At last, she requested me to
contact with her lawyer through the Tel number she gave if I知 will to assist her.
Seeing here, perhaps you will sympathize with her and do her a favor. But indeed, the whole
thing is a fraud, an international fraud. Later, I found similar incidents on the internet.
I didn稚 realize they are organized international swindlers until this time. They send many
emails to the people from every country every day, saying that they are the relatives of
some senior officials, and they can稚 get the huge assets immediately which lead by some
reasons. So they need help. Itç—´ the old routine of these cheaters.
What surprised me is there are so many people around the world caught in the international
scam. Among them is a 73-year-old professor, a retired university teacher from somewhere in
China, who lost 63 thousand dollars while helping an exotic beauty 鍍ransfer 530 million
U.S. dollars heritage. Currently there are many similar Internet frauds so that we should
always guard ourselves not to be deceived.
My dear friends, I hope this article would do a little help for you since I share it here.
Have a lovely day. Thanks!
(*^__^*) Andrew