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Thread: Fire protection--fire planing--your options??

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    Fire protection--fire planing--your options??

    Looked all over these threads and never could find one on such issues, for those of us living out here in the sticks!

    We have a "plan" here, and we have aquired the needed items over time, until we have something ready should the need arrise...again. We had a fast moving wildlands fire just one ridge over from us 2 years ago...this is the 3rd season we are about to enter now.

    Backbone of ours is: Above ground, round, SELF-SUPPORTING above ground swiming pool for water storage on demand...not up all the time, but stored ready to fill...that gives us over 5,000 gal of water within 18 hr of deciding to fill it...and, it can be "expanded" by about 500-600 gal PER HOUR while using from it...more capacity or effectivness for no more expense...kind of slick..

    We are focused on: Taking some pro-active steps using CLASS A FOAM and THERMO-GEL on our "close in trees/brush" and our "buildings" themselves...coating them...and, then we are LEAVING with all our pre-packed important papers and stuff, etc...

    there are other options...depands on your site, your resources, your headcount and age - strength, etc...

    There are various suppliers of needed items which are NOT full-pop retail in prices..
    Some are rather simple and very usable from "farm suppliers" in the first place.. Like Northern Tool for pumps, Ebay for hose, and Scotty for the needed nozzles...rather than spending a mint on real FD grade stuff that you will ONLY NEED TO WORK FOR YOU ONCE...not every day like they do...using plastics sometimes to replace metals, etc... this can save you THOUSANDS of DOLLARS!!..

    After our NEARBY fire, I have done a bunch of research on this issue and the options. IF you are interested, and want to exchange some ideas...jump on in...

    Stay SAFE...
    God Bless,

    Mel in Montana Rocky Mtns..

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    One of my highly competent neighbors started a fire last year and burned over 700 ac.

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