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Thread: Raised beds - cedar wood alternative?

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    Raised beds - cedar wood alternative?

    Hi All,

    2x6x8 cedar boards are about $10.50.

    I'm figuring that making an 8 foot long by 1 foot high by 3 - 4 foot wide raised bed is going to cost about $50 or better. I need 4 - 6 of those.

    I don't want to use treated wood and any natural wood other than cedar would likely only last 3 -5 years.

    Anyone have any good ideas on something less expensive than cedar that will last?

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    check out Home Depot for redwood or cedar fencing. They are about 3/4" X 5 1/2" X 6ft. At <$2.00 a pc it's a good way to go. I used this stuff on side of barn wall under a 10ft overhang and it looks nice, doesn't have borer bees yet (after 3 years). But it's not in contact with the ground although as fencing, it would be. I'm planning a raised bed area as well, using my left over boards.
    Well hope this worksout fer ye. MNBobCat, Have a blessed day,

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    I used composite wood designed for fences. Will never rot.

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