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Thread: Better house building, with a budget?

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    Better house building, with a budget?

    I'm looking for tips for designing and constructing a more natural or efficient home, or to be pointed toward other resources.

    Smaller tips that are budget friendly, not anything too big. Ideas that save money in the long-run but cost upfront aren't good

    For example, I read to face the house a certain direction, and you can save money in heating costs if you have one room with lots of windows, and pipe the heated air around.

    Another tip would be to spend extra on certain insulation types or extra insulation because you recoup the money fast.


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    Hello Joy Welcome to CountryByNet! Quite a project you have on your hands. I don't know a whole lot about house reconstruction. I have heard those ideas about window placements to optimize heating. A solar generated energy system would be very low cost in the long run, but the initial investment is an expensive one. I'm sure you've heard of florescent lighting to reduce electricity costs. Also another one would be to reduce costs in cleaning supplies by 1) using old clothing as rags (in place of costly paper towels) or investing a small amount in washable rags; and 2) using backing soda and in many cases vinegar (if you don't mind the smell) as a natural and low cost cleaning product. Some simple changes like this can help you save money for some larger projects you may have in mind.

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