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Thread: Hug a Rain Barrel

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    Hug a Rain Barrel

    I'm a long-time Homesteader. At 23, I built my own house with Hammer and Saw, a Library Book, and the strong back of my Father. Thank you, Dad.

    I exercise with a push-mower and cut my own firewood in nearby woodlands.
    One of the best things I ever did was set up Rain Barrels.

    I started with one at my Greenhouse Roof (search Mother Earth News). Now I have 13 to water my Garden, Berry Patches, and Orchard with Drippers. Siphons are the Secret of Success. See how to do it here - - - >

    Health and Happiness,
    Nevin Hawlman

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    Very interesting system, Nevin. Thank you for that. And, welcome to CBN.

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