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Thread: Blackberries in Northeast Missouri

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    Blackberries in Northeast Missouri

    First post, many more to come probably. I have 6 acres by Mark Twain Lake, Perry, MO area. I want to grow blackberries :licking: on an acre. I have had soil tested by County and am bringing in organics/compost to disc in. In a year or two I want to try the blackberries, maybe 50 or 60 plants to start. How many reasons are there not to try or do I have a fair shot? Looking for advice on cultivars to use, anything that might help.


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    Don't you have a county extension agent? If so, that would be your best source for the right cultivars to use in your area. Have you grown blackberries before? Are you intending to sell them? An acre would sure be a lot of berries for one family. I had a 50' row, about 4' wide, that produced all we could use for cobblers and blackberry jelly.

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