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Thread: Old fashioned water pump

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    Old fashioned water pump

    Got to thinking the other day. If I lost electric for a period of time I would have no water. Is there a way to use the existing well to manually pump water? Would I have to have a dedicated well drilled fo rthe manual pump?

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    I'm certainly no expert, but since manual pumps and electric pumps are so radically different, I don't know of any way it could be done. The manual pumps I've known of had a "sucker" rod going down into the water, while the electric pump has no rod coming up to the top. My only suggestion would be an emergency generator.

    Now, my information and knowledge are admittedly dated, so if someone knows of something newer that might work, feel free to say so, or to correct me.

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    Have a Generator??? If so, make sure your well pump circuit in hooked in to your emergency dist panel.

    The well hole would have had to have been drilled with that dual purpose in mind as the workings of the electric pump are completely different than the manual. You'd pretty much have had to drill two separate shafts - one for the electric and one for the manual.

    Probably have to get another shaft drilled for the manual pump. BUT - It's a great Idea to have the manual backup capability anyway. How far down is your current well drilled?
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