A few years ago I built a 24x40 metal barn, open on both ends. I guess you could call it a pole barn. The bottom of the trusses are 14' high with less than three feet from there to the high point of the rafters. I suppose that isn't important, anyway, where my question is concerned.

I've decided to close in both ends with rolling/sliding doors. I think one door will be 8x12 and the other 14x12. I plan to fabricate these doors by using 2x2 square tubing and cover with the same siding that is already on the barn.

I plan to use a 4x4 metal post in the center to run from the ground (concreted in) to the center of the truss, with 2x6 perlins to which the panels will be attached. I will need to use more uprights on one side for the door rails. The door will roll, at the bottom, on metal angle iron.

The top of the door will have hardware welded to the 2x2s and run on whatever track
will suffice. The track, of course, to be welded or bolted to the uprights at the appropriate height, etc, etc.

I haven't decided on the proper hardware, so hopefully, someone can help. I have never hung this sort of door before. I have made a lot of gates and doors, but none like this.

1. Does it sound like I'm heading down the right path?

2. Do you have any suggestions or advice for the proper door hardware?

Any help will be greatly appreciated. I live in the high desert of Deming, NM and have lived with the wind and dirt for seven years. I know I can't totally stop either the dirt or the wind, but hopefully enclosing the ends will help some. The barn was built for my Motor Home, but it has never been in it .

Many thanks,