We recently had our water tested by both a plumbing company and by Culligan. The results were the same for both:
Hardness: 3 grains
Iron: 0.5 parts per million
pH: 6.5
TDS: 69

Both the plumber and Culligan are trying to sell us on a system to bring the PH to 7.0. Now, 6.5 doesn't seem to out of line to me, but I don't want to cause any damage to our copper pipes. The plumber wants to sell us a full system: Water Right Sanitizer Plus. Culligan wants to install a soda ash dispensing system along with a 30 micron filter for the iron sediment. I'm in agreement with the filter, because we do have iron sediment that settles out, but do you think we need to do something about the PH? I don't always trust the advice of people who are trying to sell me something.