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Thread: Landscaping between mobile homes

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    Landscaping between mobile homes

    Several of my grown and married children have moved their families onto our homestead. They have purchased mobile homes spaced very nicely. Does anyone have any ideas how to landscape so we don't look like a trailer park? I'd like it to look kind of manicured.

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    I think it would depend on how far apart they are spaced and if you want them all to have the same landscaping (a drawn-together look) or different landscaping (an individual look). You could always plant lines of shrubs and perhaps some perennial flowers in the front of each trailer for starters. How big are the yards?

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    It would depend on the available space between the homes, the kind of soil and topography of the land. You can browse for landscape designs on the web and choose which one will be appropriate.

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    I actually live on a woodland park which consists of Park homes. They are mobile homes but they look like regular houses with porches, tiled roofs and such like. We are surrounded by trees and bushes and it really looks lovely and attracts the wild life. I'd go for trees and bushes.

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    Last day while I was traveling to one of my aunt's house which is quite far from my place, I saw such houses. It's very nice to see the landscape over there with trees, bushes, garden, lovebirds cages and pools.

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    It depends on the space you have and try creating something with bridges and water....

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